Army of the future needs 'unconventional' leaders - by Ben Wallace

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

In an article for the Telegraph dated 15th August 2020 by Danielle Sheridan, the Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is reported to have told new Sandhurst graduates at the Royal Military Academy's Sovereign's Parade that the future needs "unconventional leaders" and goes on to say that the next stage of their training will coincide with publication of the Integrated Defence and Security Review, which he said would deliver "a force to meet tomorrow's battles".

He went on to tell them that they will need to be more "unconventional" in warfare across cyber and space. "I want the Army to be, once again, forward deployed across the globe, and I want you all to have the capabilities to challenge in new domains of cyber and space."

His comments follow on from a previous announcement on the 4th June 2020 that a new Cyber Regiment had been launched to protect front-line operations from digital attack as Defence continues its modernisation to combat the threats of tomorrow. See attached article from the 4th June 2020.

Article from the Telegraph 04.06
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Since the above article was published the Economist has developed the theme in an article dated September 15th 2020 entitled: "Britain’s armed forces get ready for a revolution with this sub heading - The emphasis is on threats short of open warfare and the technological prowess to combat them"

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In addition to the above articles, the Telegraph re-published this article dated 25.07.20 in October 2020 entitled "We are putting Space at the heart of Britain's Defence" :

Article for the Telegraph by Ben Wallace
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