A post-Brexit UK should increase manufacturing - by Vince Cable for The Independent

Part of our mission at BIB is to attempt to engage constructively with those whose opinions we may otherwise disagree with especially on issues of national self-interest. A post-Brexit economic consensus based on long-term planning and investment outlined here by Vince Cable, is surely one that demands widespread support.

"The central objective is to move beyond the chronic uncertainty and short-term thinking of the last few years to a genuinely long-term framework for investment. And to see the public and private sectors as essentially cooperative and complementary, each doing what the other does not."

"There is plenty for political parties to disagree about. But the country desperately needs to be anchored by a few secure, consensus-based institutions which, especially in the economic sphere, are not part of the perpetual tribal dogfight that is British politics. We have one or two. The independent Bank of England has become a success story. The Climate Change Commission is becoming another. What we need now is a comparable structure for the “real” economy committed to productivity and sustainable growth."

The article can be read here in full with a link to the original beneath it:

Article by Vince Cable for The Independe
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