£80bn boost for military to arm it with new tanks, warships and ‘kamikaze drones’

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Government announces modernisation drive to ensure the Armed Forces are ready to fight the wars of the future.

By Lucy Fisher, Deputy Political Editor ; Ben Riley-Smith, Political Editor and Danielle Sheridan, Political and Defence Correspondent for the Telegraph.

12 March 2021

Britain’s military is to get an £80 billion upgrade as the Government announces a modernisation drive this month to get the Armed Forces ready for the wars of the future.

The Telegraph understands that is roughly what will be invested in improving military equipment over the next four years. The total over the next decade could amount to close to £200 billion.

More than a hundred ageing Challenger 2 tanks will get new turrets, guns, sensors and engines, becoming more deadly in the battlefield, while new frigates are being acquired.

The cap on the number of nuclear warheads Britain can stockpile will increase from around 180, The Telegraph has learned, ending a decades-long drive to cut stocks.

There is also a new push under way to acquire what are called loitering munitions, sometimes dubbed “kamikaze drones”, which can hover around a target before donating.

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Royal Navy Vanguard Class submarine HMS Vigilant returning to HMNB Clyde after her extended deployment Credit: CPOA(Phot) Thomas McDonald/Royal Navy

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